Real Estate Investing Market – Bullish Or Bearish?

We have all been affected by it in one way, shape, or form. Many amongst us have been crushed and devastated financially. Others have made out like outlaw bandits. The trend over the last couple of years has been widely publicized in many of the nation’s largest newspapers, on television and the Internet. The housing market has made a few rather dramatic changes as of recently. Its pretty obvious!

Real Estate has been actively thought of for many years as one of the cornerstone pillars of thoroughly developing an individual’s investment and financial portfolio. People have believed for years that the purchase of a home – ‘The American Dream’ would bring them wealth and some security as the value of the home investment appreciates over time. For the last several years, prior to the year 2007, these thoughts were mostly substantiated.

As most of us have become painfully made aware, the housing market, and thus, the promise of real estate investing have plummeted in the last couple of years. 2008 has been reported as one of the worse downturns in the housing market in decades. Many people that invested in homes have lost what was once thought of as equity and many have even lost savings as a result of the recent downturn in home prices and values.

Does this news mean that we are all doomed? Many blame the recent recession on the housing market and the mortgages that spurred the onset. Financial markets – including Real Estate tend to fluctuate. Take the stock market for example. Stocks move and fluctuate very rapidly at times. Yes some investments do lose all of their value. Is the Real estate market one such market?

This is NOT a losing market, or is real estate a losing investment. In actuality, those that were not caught in the mortgage crisis, and actually continued to watch spending and save for a rainy day could come out on top. Today, with the majority of people thinking that the Real Estate market has taken a turn for the worst; those that are in the position to buy have the possibility of making some sweet deals. The Real Estate market has turned into a buyers market – but for how long? A buyer in the recent market can buy a home for far less than just two years ago – put a little into it – and when the market turns around again (and it will) – sell the investment for as much as ten to twenty percent more than invested.

Is the Real Estate market Bullish? Bearish? Like any other financial market. It is both. It just depends on which side of the fence you happen to be standing on at this time.